Nothing Too Fancy

Hi! I haven't really made a personal post on here before relating to anything pertaining to books other than my reviews. Today though, I noticed that my former French teacher finally went to Paris for the first time after months and months of talking to us in her Polish accent about how she loves Paris not only for the language...but for the literature as well. I don't know, I just miss learning about French literature and speaking about it in my second language with her. (Languages are another passion of mine.)

After hearing about her travels to Paris and hoping that she picked up actual French copies of her favorite literature (ex. Cyrano de Bergerac and Cousin Bette), I decided that I would ask anyone who is traveling to other countries to pick me up a copy..any copy..of a book in that countries native language and bring it back to me. Nothing too fancy. Some of my friends are going to Costa Rica on a school trip so I asked them to bring me back a book. 

This was just something personal that I wanted to share so I don't seem like someone who just writes reviews on here :) I hope the person reading this has a great day!